Health and Vaccinations

There aren’t any mandatory vaccinations for travelers to Tajikistan although you must have up-to date vaccinations for Typhoid Tetanus Polio as well as Hepatitis A. Malaria is found in a few areas of Tajikistan so we recommend you consult your doctor or travel center regarding the proper vaccinations and preventative treatment.

Cultural Sensitivity

On our tours you will frequently meet local people Each with their own unique traditions and customs. We ask you to be respectful and treat them with respect. You can always rely on your tour guides or tour leaders to help you.

The first thing you should know about traveling in Central Asia is that most regions, especially the cities and towns, are more relaxed in their approach to Islam than their neighbours to the south in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is an Muslim zone, therefore it is vital to be vigilant in certain areas. Long shorts and T-shirts are acceptable for males and females in cities, however in the case of visiting any mosques active, everybody should wear trousers that fall below the knee, and tops that cover their shoulders. Ladies should also wear a headscarf. The trip takes us to remote places that are not often visited by tourists. The locals are modest when it comes to dressing, so it is likely that you’ll be more at ease in conservative attire.

Language and Religion

Tajik is the official dialect of Tajikistan. Russian is used regularly for business communication and communications.

The majority of the people follow Sunni Islam, with the minority of people who adhere to Russian Orthodox, Catholicism, Buddhism and Judaism.

Food and beverages

The tour is focused on soups and other meats. In remote and higher altitude areas vegetables can be difficult to come by. There is an abundance of dried nuts and dried fruits to taste.

Regarding alcohol, your options are generally limited to vodka and beer, so those looking for something different like Scotch or Gin for example – ought to purchase it duty-free and then bring it to the store. It isn’t easy to find mixer drinks , such as tonic water.

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