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Travelers to Kyrgyzstan do not need to be vaccinated but they should carry the most recent Typhoid and Tetanus vaccines. We recommend that you seek out guidance from your local GP or travel clinic as to the correct vaccinations and preventative treatment.

Drinks and food

The food in Kyrgyzstan is generally based around rice and meat however the salads and vegetables available are varied. You will be able to experience local cuisines when you travel and they often overlap with other cuisines.

The alcohol selection is only vodka or beer. Anyone looking to experiment with something different – like Scotch or Gin – must purchase the item duty-free and take it with them. Mixers like tonic water are hard to come by in Central Asia.

Cultural Sensitivity

When you travel with us, you’ll frequently interact with local people all with unique customs and customs. Therefore, we ask you to be considerate and to show them respect. You can always rely on your tour-leaders or guides to help you.

The first thing to mention about travelling through Central Asia is that most cities and towns are characterized by a more relaxed view of Islam as compared to their counterparts to the south in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan. You’ll be shocked by how long some women’s skirts are in places like Bishkek! This is a Muslim area so it is essential to be careful in certain places. T-shirts and shorts are acceptable for both genders. However, if attending mosques, women should cover their shoulders and wear trousers or skirts that do not reach just below the knee, while the male should not wear shorts.

The majority of people is Islamic with just a little over 15% of them following

Russian Orthodoxy

Language and Religion

Kyrgyzstan is one of the two former Soviet Republics located in Central Asia to retain Russian as their official language. Kyrgyzstan became an official bilingual state in the 1990’sand was able to add Kyrgyz as its official language. Also, there are Uzbeks of ethnic origin and Tajiks in some parts of Kyrgyzstan due to previous Soviet policies.

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