Facts You Should Learn About Macaws As Pets

Macaws make wonderful pets. Lots of the macaw species are for sale to sale and they also vary in price. Yes they’ve created great talkers if you take time to use them. Macaws are very active and require a great good diet. That like being scratched and cuddled. They could discover how to accept multiple members of a family group after a little work. Hand-fed Baby macaws are extremely sweet and do make fun pets for those ready to properly take care of them.

The massive macaw species that are normally found on the market are: Blue and Gold Macaws, Greenwing Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Military Macaws, Red Fronted Macaws, Blue Throated Macaws, and also the Hyacinth Macaw. The several species vary in price based on availability and rarity. I have to admit, though, that every macaws are great parrots. Babies and adults of all species are enjoyable to own.

Large macaws do talk quite nicely in case you squeeze time into teaching them. In comparison to some smaller parrots their voice is very loud when they speak it isn’t hard to determine what a variety offer. Be careful whatever you teach them, though, because it’s not as simple to eliminate colorful words using their vocabulary, should you you know what I mean.

A macaws’ weight loss program is composed of fruits, vegetables, nuts, an excellent seed mix, and mineral/vitamin supplements. Pellets could be added to the dietary plan to reduce the need for vitamins. Pellets shouldn’t replace every other area of the diet. Peanuts and other non-salted nuts must be given as macaws require more fat than other parrots. Foods that should ‘t be fed are: anything with caffeine, anything with plenty of salt, no chocolate, and avocado can be problematic.

Handling and cuddling certainly are a crucial section of the whole macaw experience. They adore it! There’s nothing quite like a fantastic scratch or gentle hug. The whole family should take part on this experience so that the macaw doesn’t form a powerful bond with anybody person.

Behavior is a large issue when keeping pet birds. Actually the top reason people eliminate their bird is that they still can’t cope with a behavior problem. Most if not all problems may be avoided or corrected if you realize to know bird behavior. I recommend learning up to you possibly can. Most pet stores don’t have good books. The truth is the books on birds from the “super pet stores” I have come across are pure crap. Look for authors who may have actually studied field guides and wild bird behavior.

Remember a nourishing diet, daily handling, short workout sessions for desired behavior (like talking), plus a good bird behavior book will get you rolling in to the arena of the majestic macaws.

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