Modern Rugs Vs Classic Rugs

Birth of the Modern Carpet

For many years, when people spoke of Oriental carpets or handmade carpets, they might be referring to a regular Persian-style rug with a border, fringe and age-old design motifs. Then came the modern rug. These rugs are constructed on upright looms, equally as rug makers make traditional rugs for hundreds of years, but the designs are modern and Western, and transmitted from designer to weaver using a sophisticated, computerized “rug mapping” system.

Mixing and Matching

It could be logical to visualize which a modern area rug belongs within a modern setting along with a traditional area rug belongs in a traditional setting. End of story, right? Wrong! It turns out that lots of today’s most savvy designers are integrating traditional rugs into modern decor schemes and modern rugs into traditional settings. After decades of maintaining a consistency of style and look between furnishings and carpeting, apparently probably the most progressive of today’s designers are fusing traditional and modern in ways that might make their forebears blanche in horror.

Antique Rugs on Modern Floors

Some of the most successful of those design fusion experiments involve simply putting a stylish traditional rug in the center of a stylish modern room. If the colors interact, of course, if the piece of furniture are generally simple and colors, the juxtapositioning with the complex pattern in the Oriental rug could be both arresting and sublime.

Modern Rugs

Lots of today’s most innovative designer modern area rugs are handmade inside the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. It’s really a well-known indisputable fact that the very best wool in making rugs arises from high mountain sheep, and Nepali sheep certainly fit that description. The rug weaving tradition that is certainly now centered in Nepal was born in neighboring Tibet, many Tibet’s master rug makers fled to Nepal inside the wake with the Chinese invasion. Today, most Napali rug weavers use the Tibetan loop Sennah knot in constructing their rugs.

Modern Rugs in Traditional Settings

More uncommon may be the usage of today’s rug in a otherwise traditional decor environment, however, this may be finished with positive results more often than not. The secret is for that rug to be on the quiet side, in solid colors or possibly a transitional pattern which is modern but draws on traditional themes. One other thing that helps it be work is integration of colors. When the colors within the rug go perfectly with the colors in the room, the marriage of traditional and modern perform beautifully.

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