Criss Angel Card Tricks Uncovered

Criss Angel is often a famous world leading freak magician! He’s better known as “MindFreak” due to his shows. He soon began as a magician / illusionist in NY City now does mainstream shows in Sin city. How does he freak people out by knowing every card with your hand? How can he permit you to select a card where you can sealed envelope with your card inside it? Don’t be concerned he is not an alien or even a super mutant with special abilities. He is an illusionist which has a special ace in the hole. This document will expose many of the most creative and crazy card tricks that Criss Angel and others have employed in their illusionist acts.

First, The main secret; Infrared Contacts. His cards are marked special with luminous ink from the luminous ink printer and the lenses have a very special infrared filter that exposes the cardboard markings on the back from the card. This allows him to view every card in the deck. Get the job done deck looks fresh and sealed. You will find there’s machine that reseals occasions to make it look brand-new!

Well… how does he pull the credit card that a person picks beyond his shoe… or perhaps a sealed envelope? This leads us to second exposure; 50/50 forced card deck. He dates back and forth from your marked pack of cards plus a deck of 50/50 forced card deck. For anyone readers who require a tad bit more explanation with a 50/50 force deck, it is a deck which includes 50% exactly the same card and 50% different cards. One “forced” card will be the main card that may often be chosen. You determine every other card because the one chosen card every other card like a regular random card. The chosen card is slightly cut less space-consuming than the standard card to ensure once you fan occasions you merely see random cards and you then fan the deck the contrary way you simply see one chosen card (making the illusion that you simply changed the whole deck to your chosen card!). If you fan occasions to the victim, they’ll always select the forced card. This lets you hide the same card with your shoe, in a sealed envelope that’s mailed to you personally, your pockets, etc. You will be very creative using this trick.

Last, using infrared devices like contacts or infrared sunglasses will give you any card reading. So despite the fact you tell them what card they may be holding, however, you also can make believe you look out of the credit card. Make sure you indicate that you have no mirrors or cameras. Let them choose any card, along with your infrared sunglasses or infrared contacts, it will be possible to call over card and suite. Much like that.

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