Commonwealth of Land Lawyers in Moscow

Commonwealth of Land Lawyers will be the leading legal company in Russia in the sphere of land law, real estate and investment (in line with the rating with the rating “ – 300” could be the leader from the branches “Dispute Resolution” and “Commercial Property / Construction”, and it is in the TOP-50 legal companies of Russia in terms of the variety of lawyers along with the volume of revenue).

The services represented by our Commonwealth are unique. Today we are the sole law company in the Central region of Russia, which specializes exclusively in solving any land issues.

Otherwise this could happen scenario: after months of consideration and feasibility studies, you’ve finally decided to develop and produce an advertisement establishment with that chunk of property you’ve inherited from a parents. However, family members you couldn’t know you’d is contesting your ownership with the land, thereby, throwing a wrench to your carefully organized plans. What in the event you do? Bills ., you ought to consult somebody that is experienced at land law.

Why Consult the pros? Employing a lawyer that has extensive experience solving land disputes and other connected problems is usually a great assist in a real situation. The attorney can provide you with the legal advice you might need to fix such a problem in a more amicable and peaceful manner and prevent you from making rash decisions that causes you more problems in the future.

In the event the one contesting your ownership of the property made a decision to bring the land dispute to court, you could expect your lawyer to situation. They may enable you to win the truth so you can perform your plans for that get you need to develop.

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