Mass Loaded Vinyl Soundproof Acoustic Panels Manufacturer

Mass loaded vinyl is really a poular soundproofing material. Due to its flexible feature, it’s simple to install on wall or ceiling and may also be used for pipe wrapping.

We are a highly professional mass loaded vinyl (MLV) manufacturer managed by experienced technical and managerial personnel. This really is sustained by a strong foundation honesty, reliability and persistence for excellence, making us the ideal choice for your customers. Our main objective is always to provide excellent services at right cost inside the schedule time for customer’s satisfaction.

Mass Loaded Vinyl for Soundproofing Interior Acoustic Panels

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With fast delivery, strict quality management system, competitive price, management idea of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, we believe what are the client think and that we wish to be with this client. Concentrating all our attention, we’re of one heart then one mind to make our enterprise develop more prosperous and robust.

Our mass loaded vinyl continues to be popular with this customers coming from fitness center abroad over these years, including Belo Horizonte Brazil, Columbus Usa, Rhine-Ruhr Germany, Bogoto Colombia, Vienna Austria, Kagoshima Japan, Newcastle Uk, Medan Indonesia, Nairobi Kenya, Belgrade Serbia, Gothenburg Sweden, New Orleans United states of america, etc.

What to keep in mind: Be sure to cover the entire area, caulking gaps and seams to prevent air-flow that will carry sound. Have somebody assist to cut panels and give them up. This makes it much easier while working standing on a ladder in the ceiling area. In the event the walls with the room do not extend up with the ceiling towards the roof, think about adding higher walls towards the stub walls so as to prevent flanking sound from passing through and over from the adjoining ceiling.

Tip for installation: Construct the soundproof mat material and leave overnight to permit it flatten also to prevent curl and billow type bubbles because of uneven expansion. It becomes an inert material and possesses no capability to outgas.

Our mass loaded vinyl are installed lots of projects, such as Shenzhen Peking University HSBC College Multi-Function Hall, Zhejiang Daily Daily Gymnasium, Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk School, Chengdu University Of Electronic Technology and science Gymnasium, Sichuan Guanghan Flight Academy Multi-Purpose Hall, and so on.
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