10 explanations why you need to purchase dubai property

Below are a few causes of investors to consider committing to the Dubai real-estate sector:

Expo 2020 is coming to Dubai
Dubai is hosting the next World Expo in October 2020. The Expo will attract approximately 25 million visitors from 180 nations. The announcement with the Expo in Dubai has boosted the off-plan property sector. Investors who are buying Buy Commercial Properties in Dubai before the Expo will receive a higher return on your investment. The Expo’s duration is six months and an incredible number of visitors will have to rent property. The rental demand will probably be high, enabling landlords the flexibility to improve rents.

Dubai seeks to become happiest city on the planet
In 2016 The Ministry of Happiness was created in Dubai with primary aim to develop programmes and policies to improve the time saving benefits degrees of Dubai’s residents, that was well accepted by the public.

High ROI for Dubai investors
Dubai’s housing market is maturing since the city’s population is increasing every year with the numbers from Dubai Statistics Department marking 2,885,818 around the population clock. Investors conscious of the growing demographic are wisely purchasing property to supply the boost in rent demand.

Tourism in Dubai booming
Some of the main elements of Dubai’s economy incorporates tourism, trade, business services and real-estate. The making of new hotels and real estate projects is a direct result of Dubai’s growing tourism industry. By October 2017 Dubai recorded 11.58 mil visitors, while by the same period in 2016 it had been recorded 10,77 mil. The number of visitors is predicted to improve by 2020 to 25 mil yearly.
Source Business Intelligence & Reporting – Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing – Dubai

The Museum of the Future
The Museum for the future allows visitors to experience the future through cutting-edge simulations and interactive exhibits. The museum includes scientific conferences and gives advanced courses on new scientific achievements and trends. The museum will concentrate on solutions to the top three challenges emerging from climatic change: water supply, food security and self-sufficient cities.

Low crime rate
A feeling of safety is an important good thing about buying property in Dubai as it is an example of the safest havens for both investors and end-users. The crime rates are lowest on earth.

0% income and company tax
Dubai’s policy of no income or corporate taxes attracts many investors and residents from the majority of the countries around the world where taxes are incredibly high. The UAE houses over 200 nationalities, and Emiratis constitute roughly 10% from the total population, making UAE where you can among the world’s highest number of immigrants.

Superior transportation routes
Dubai is continuously advancing its transportation infrastructure. The US-based Hyperloop One is creating an expedited transportation route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hyperloop One prepares to produce the world’s first operational Hyperloop system, allowing passengers to visit involving the emirates in pods at 1,200 km per hour. The project’s goal would be to provide transportation from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes. Hyperloop One estimates that approximately 4,000 vehicles commute daily from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Dubai Metro has additionally expanded their routes which makes it a simple journey for Dubai visitors and residents.

Dubai’s population is growing
Property project launches in Dubai are estimated to increase as its population grows every year which can be guaranteeing high ROI for investors. The Dubai Statistics Centre announced that Dubai’s population in January 2016 was 2.4 million and can reach 5.2 million by 2030.

Gourmet restaurants, entertainment
Dubai offers unique experiences with desert safaris, luxurious spas, beaches, yacht communities, skydiving, water parks and one of your kind entertainment and nightlife. The town can be recognized for its wide selection of gourmet restaurants and worlds renowned brands all have presence within the metropolis Dubai; ensuring that there is plenty to accomplish for the children, families, visitors and singles.
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