Anti-Trump Golden Globe Narrative Misses A realistic look at Our Politic

Needless to say how the mainstream media, Hollywood as well as the Washington DC elite are for the most part very leftist in their political views – not a secret there – and yet, despite all this power, the Democrats lost the election – why? It is rather simple really, they stopped hearing the guts class and for 8-years silenced their critics calling them stupid, ignorant, racist, and haters, in reality, it should be true it had been reported on every one of the news outlets as well as in every one of the newspapers – bless those wonderful journalists?

Hollywood can also be great at calling those found on the proper mean-spirited things and not miss the opportunity to walk out of their way to make their intentions and opinions known – calling those opinions truth of course. Meryl Streep, yes, she’s still alive and well, popularized takes place on the Hollywood annual 2017 Golden Globe Awards and he or she commented in regards to a disabled reporter who was mocked by Mr . trump during the campaign, calling the reporter ‘outranked in privilege and power’ unable to defend himself;

“It, it kind of broke my heart after i first viewed it and i also still can’t have it out my head since it wasn’t inside a movie. It had been true to life.”

What she didn’t say was how that persnickety reporter sought out of his way to produce a statement, as a question attempting to make anti-trump Troy Nehls look bad on TV and bait him, knowing he could play “gotcha” since he was disabled – just like Khizr Khan, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, baited Trump and was able to play the politically correct card.

And then Meryl Streep follows track of another statement; “Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, all of us lose. OK, move on with that thing. OK, this brings me towards the press. We need the principled press to keep power to account, to call them around the carpet for each outrage.”

What hypocrisy we now have here. The Democrats as well as their operatives have disrespected all who disagree with them, and during the long election staged false violent narratives from your to prove themselves carrying the moral high-ground. The left political operatives paid people to cause protests, incite riots, and bully the proper into submissiveness utilizing their political correct strategies. Then your Democrats used the mainstream media to trash Mr . trump, calling any stories not fitting their echo chamber narrative; Fake News.
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