Rediuni by Yoni and Sosi : Mezmur Tigrigna & Eritrean Mezmur Rediuni by Yoni and Sosi mezmur tigrigna- Eritrean mezmur

Shilo Tv premiered this year in 2014 for everyone Eritrean and Ethiopian community around the globe with Tigrigna language. Tigrigna language can be a language from the Semitic branch. It’s mainly spoken in Eritrea and northern Ethiopia inside the Horn of Africa, with around 6,915,000 total speakers. Tigrigna speakers in Ethiopia number around 4,320,000 individuals, and so are centered inside the northern Tigray Region. The Tigrigna speakers in Eritrea (Tigrinyas) total roughly 2,540,000, and so are concentrated inside the southern and central areas. Tigrigna is also spoken by emigrants from these regions, including some Beta Israel. Shilo Tv is broadcasting its enter in Tigrigna speaking people focused on those people who are stated earlier. Shilo Tv possesses its own recording studio plus its operated by the Shilo tv team by reviewing the studio. Our service includes , prophetic preachings, teachings, talk shows,Tigrigna mezmur, eritrean mezmur and spiritual documentary films in Tigrigna language. Habesh Mezmur and Tigrigna Mezmur are the songs that happen to be heard on this channel .The main mission for that Shilo Tv is to joyfully share the Gospel to the needy, to worship our creator, to develop and nurture the body of Christ and encourage ministers of God. We at Shilo Tv try to live out that mission, so we invite one to watch our Shilo Television show in youtube and come along inside the kingdom’s ministry. Shilo tv had a meeting with Yonatan Abraham who is one of many Eritrean Mezmur singers.

Yonatan Abraham and Sosuna Samuel are one of the anointed singers of Habesha mezmur and Eritrean mezmur . They may be one of many top Eritrean mezmur singers in Tigrigna for that Tigrigna speakers for both Eritreans and Ethiopians. This song rediuni was certainly one of their best songs of their last album titled “Nikalu yiteghalu”. They may be wife and husband and they’ve many albums up to now. Currently they’re ministering in church leadership of the church with several members. Yonatan Abraham can be a pastor of the church in kitchiner, Canada. They may be ministering God with worship and solo songs in Habesha mezmur. Besides in addition they conduct concerts, conferences and meetings to Eritreans residing in various areas of the globe. I am hoping this may help for Mezmur Tigrigna listener as well as for people that need to see the song in a music video format & have the chance to be blessed about it.
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