Optimal Webpage Design To Keep Visitors On Your Site

Having an effective web design for your site is extremely important if you’re looking out to make a good impression on your target audience. Like it or not, websites are often judged mainly by their appearance and you have to face the fact that people will look at the design before noticing anything else about the site. To help you design your website effectively, and to correct any mistakes you might have made, we’ll now look at some important principles that should be followed for designing a website.

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Turning 404 Pages in Your Favor: A 404 Page comes up when someone types in an incorrect url when trying to reach your site, indicating that the page doesn’t exist. Many website owners don’t realize the connection between 404 pages and smart web design. What makes this important is that your 404 page, at least the default one, is a useless page where your visitors can’t learn/buy/sign up for anything. What you should do is transform the default 404 page, which is essentially a dead end into a menu where the visitor can easily find the part of your website where you want them. This one step can get you lots of visitors who would have left otherwise, perhaps assuming your site was not active. You can design the 404 page however you want, as long as you make it easy for the visitor to find your site. It really is kind of hard to go wrong with a web design that is simple but gets the job done very well. You will be faced with a greater challenge when you attempt a highly complicated web design. If your design skills are up to the task, then you will have a better chance of making a site with more elements in it. Yes, it is true that unattractive sites are not well received, but that is usually because there are skills lacking. You also have to think about the possibility that you will be placing ads on your site. The bottom line is you have to make the call about your site design, not us – so we are just giving you suggestions.

Why a Favicon is Important: “Favorite icons” or favicons are a simple feature that can really add to the overall quality of your site. Favicons give you an easy way to give your website a more legitimate and high quality appearance. You’ll be able to have your personal logo appear in the URL area. Besides that, the Favicon will also show up when somebody bookmarks your page, which adds to professionalism of your website and makes a good impression on the end user. The evolution of your website design always occurs, so just remember that the work is potentially never totally finished. You need to keep on working on your design to achieve the perfection in the eyes of your visitors.
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