Landscape Design – The foundations and Factors of Landscaping

Introduction to Landscape Design

The phrase Landscaping

Improve the aesthetic appearance of (a location) by changing its contours, adding ornamental features, or planting flowers.

“the site has been tastefully landscaped”.

What on earth is Landscape Design?

Landscape design is just not an issue that anyone should be terrified of, should you have an idea for the landscape or garden space you will be able to really make it reality with a little research session and want to make something beautiful.

As a potential Landscape Designer you’ll need to be aware your backyard masterpiece will probably be cash and growing stuff that will alter as being the plants develop and grow, environmental surroundings changes throughout the season and also you you use the space you might have created. You will also grow as a person and landscaper as you learn from the experience in addition to being due to your individual growth and confidence inside your ability your landscaping ideas and fashoins will likely advance dramatically.
However you decide to Landscape your garden the priority would be to create something you love, it will be your home and you will probably create an issue that is visually pleasing, functional and in the end a landscape which fits your life-style and for the garden.

Consider some of the Landscaping Elements?

The initial step in a design process is always to placed the ‘Elements’ set up for ones Landscaping Space, obviously this changes for every project as a result of size of your parking space, the level of the ground, the physical conditions from the site and the soil what is already there and will have to be worked around.

You, as the landscaper, should sit and draw a difficult plan of one’s space and set in any fixed feature that you may be asked to deal with (eg. a manhole cover). I recommend conducting a rough scale map of the area available to you to figure in. This doesn’t need to be fancy but a plan that’s easy for you to operate on and visualise your landscaping ideas.
Once you have your basic plan (be sure to produce a few copies) start to organise the hardscape materials and plants. Hardscape and Plants are called features.

Features are whatever may be physically described by the visual qualities of:

Line – Form – Colour – Texture – visual weight.

These are the Components of Landscaping.

What are the Landscaping Principles?

The principles of Landscaping are definitely the guidelines that any of us use to arrange and organise the functions to develop a beautiful landscape, the essential concepts of landscape composition are proportion (be aware that plants grow with time), order (remember size and colour), repetition (what size or small space apply to protect which has a certain effect), and unity (will they and would they communicate).
Having the Elements and Principles of Landscaping would be the foundation of most gardening, at this time you just need to put your ideas down and think about what you need to generate.

If you are brand-new to landscape design don’t afraid, just apply your thoughts, ideas as well as what you are planning to create to your design and handle the facts because you research and progress further in your landscaping experience.
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