Important First Steps with Webpage Design

Having an effective web design for your site is extremely important if you’re looking out to make a good impression on your target audience. First time visitors to your site will notice the design before anything else, such as what you’re selling or any informative articles you may have. The purpose of this article is to show you what elements you need to focus on to ensure that your website doesn’t fail when it comes to the design part.

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Grammar and spelling are not really a part of design, but we want to say a few words about them because they are important. You’d be surprised how many webmasters don’t care to do this, and end up having embarrassing typos right on their homepage! There really is no excuse for messing this one up since a spell checker is so common. Even if the smallest mistake or error creeps into your content, it won’t take time before your site is labeled as being “unprofessional”. This is part of the deal when you are running an online business, and it actually is important.

Another important consideration are all those boring admin pages such as privacy policies and maybe terms of use, etc. It is well worth the money to buy what you need, and all you do is fill in the blanks and you’re done. Some visitors may not do business with you or give you their contact information if you do not have a privacy policy and other notices. The bottom line in all of this is you need to protect yourself and your business.

Incorporate Different Domains: If you want to protect your brand and your presence, you should work to make sure that your website is easy to find so register different and alternative domain names with some different domain extensions. This step can help you prevent other people from riding on your coattails by registering similar domain names. This isn’t a direct part of your website design but take the step anyway so you can protect yourself. All that you need to do then is set up the domains to re-direct to your main site, which is something that all of the bigger companies do when they want to protect their brands and raise awareness of their websites. For example, don’t just register the .com, register the .org and .net as well to make sure that you are covered in the three most popular extensions. This helps you make sure that you won’t have any competition from those domains within the search engines. You will design your site and then perhaps keep refining it as time goes on. But we encourage you to avoid changing things too often because that may lead to your visitors becoming confused.
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